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FreshBooks Reviews: Best Accounting and Invoicing Solution

Those who would like to know about Freshbooks, they may get all the necessary information from our today’s Freshbooks review. It has won the Finances Online’s Best Accounting Software Award in 2019. It has the highest rates of customer satisfaction for any similar tool in this group.

It has expanded since its introduction in 2003 to serve more than 10 million clients. The software was completely redesigned and relaunched in 2017 as “New Freshbooks.” Though the original version of Freshbooks Classic is still usable. We hope our Freshbooks review will help you to decide the best invoicing software if you are a small business owner.

What is Freshbooks?

 Freshbooks is a finance & accounting software used by most small businesses and start-up owners. It has one of the best cloud solutions for small business entrepreneurship. It can be done in a few clicks to create professional-looking invoices as the program does not require accounting expertise.

Why You should use Freshbooks?

There is a lot of reason behind why you choose FreshBooks over other accounting tools.  Ultimately FreshBooks will make your life so much easier. After using it you will regret why you wouldn’t use this before. If you read this Freshbooks review you will understand how it helps you to get paid for every penny of your hard work. 

Customer-friendly UI

Freshbooks’s user interface is very easy to use. The user-friendly interface will give insights concerning your business and modify your invoices.

First things first, the tool’s dashboard gives you a speedy diagram of your organization’s monetary status.

There are five diagrams. From outstanding revenue, you will find out how much payment you are yet to receive from one of your particular clients and how much you need to pay to one of your suppliers.

You will find the features training video at the top of the screen. In the lower right you will find what’s new in the tool. In the upper right corner, you will find links that will help you to invite a coworker (maybe an accountant who works for you) with different access permissions.

Though you need to scroll a lot to check the various charts which aren’t convenient.

A vertical panel on the left of the screen shows navigation links to the tool’s core areas: Screen, Clients, Invoices, Expenses, Statistics, Time Tracking, Projects, My Team, Reports, and Accounting Click the button above, next to the company name, and a list of tool settings opens.

So we can see FreshBooks is designed to be the most ridiculously easy to use accounting software ever built in the tech industry so far.

You can Easily Generate Invoices

Creating an invoice in Freshbooks is now simpler than typing in Word and packed with new facilities.

Tap the Invoices tab in the toolbar and the dialog that opens will tell you all you need to know about your accounts receivable status.

Using the “from my tab” you can see overdue, outstanding. Under that, you will find graphical links for most recently updated invoices.

You will find a list of all the invoices in the bottom.

Context-Sensitive Settings

Freshbooks show links during invoice development to context-sensitive settings over to the right of the screen. Unlike other sites, there is one massive portion of the web where all of the settings are described. You can also automatically or manually make the invoice recur at specified intervals.

One can also send reminders and charge late fees at designated periods, again a first. Once you have saved your invoice, you can open it again and edit it, or press the More Activities button for tasks such as emailing it or demanding payment or even reviewing its background history.

Contact Saving Facility

The client records of Freshbooks display their contact information using some graphical avatars of business cards; they contain fields for the name, mailing and email addresses of each client, as well as phone numbers. A chart next to the customer card shows how much outstanding revenue that the customer is associated with, and breaks it down into draft invoices, unbilled time and unbilled expenses.

Managing Expenses

You will see a list of recent transactions after connected bank accounts when you click the Expenses tab.

You can customize anything in the edit option. You can easily select them from the drop-down list

Easy Project Manager

Freshbooks has easier but better project management tools comparing to its contemporary other finance and accounting software.

Give your project a name, delegate it to a customer or internal staff with an hourly budget and end date. You then have the option of setting the project’s blanket billing rate, either hourly or as a whole. If you are working alone and paying just one rate on a project for your work, that’s great.

Mobile Apps

Freshbooks has both android and iOS apps for use in a smartphone or tab. The mobile apps of Freshbooks are the same as the browser-based version. When you will open the apps you will get three critical charts, outstanding revenue, total profit, and total spending. 


Freshbooks offers a free trial.·         Easy-to-navigate user-friendly Dashboard and interface.·         Double-entry accounting ·         Team collaboration tools·         Time tracking·         Assessing and maintaining features·         Simple records of the products and the services.·         Less expensive·         Proposals and projects.·         Superb mobile apps


Cannot check invoice when pay option is activated·         Not suitable for larger business

Pricing and Plans

Freshbooks have a free trial lasting 30 days which is a great way to see if the “cloud accounting” will work for you.

Try Freshbooks FREE for 30 Days!

You can use the “Lite“  plan for up to 5 clients, and from there you have the “Plus” plan and then the “Premium” plan catering to up to 50 clients and 500 clients respectively. 

For more than 500 clients you have to opt for the Freshbooks Select Package. There is an option for Yearly plans as well which will save 10%. All of the accounts through Freshbooks are set up for one user and you can only. To have more than one additional user in that plan, you will have to pay $10 extra for each.

Freshbooks Pricing Plans


Last words

We hope that all of you who are looking for accounting and finance software for your small business will be benefited from this Freshbooks review. As a smart business owner, you know the importance of securing your assets and keeping your company finances under control. In that case, Freshbooks will be your best bet. 

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