Campaign Monitor Reviews: Email Marketing Simplified

So they developed one for themselves and now it is serving many renowned companies like Buzzfeed, Coca-Cola, Disney, Airbnb, etc.

‘Necessity is the mother of innovation’ – goes the old saying. This maxim works behind the creation of Campaign Monitor. Initially, Ben Richardson and David Greiner, the developers of this app were frustrated because they found the existing email marketing tools not serving their purposes.

Features Thousands of Templates

Changing the templates or making your own is a matter of clicks. The templates are professional in type. It comes with a preview option. They are ingenious and mobile optimized. Moreover, you can use certain web fonts in templates.


Campaign Monitor exploits techno-wizardry to send customized templates out to the audience. It assists to determine which segment to use based on each recipient. You can tailor the segments based on gender, purchase history, and much more.

Split Campaign Option

With the help of Campaign Monitor, you can reduce the workload by using the amazing facility of the split campaign. Two versions of the same campaign will be available.

Live Map Reporting

To keep the interaction active and instant, Campaign Monitor presents real-time reporting. It means that by using this tool you can track the users who are opening and interacting with your emails.

Marketing automation 

It has developed this new feature of automation where you can set up a series of timed emails. These emails will be sent to all new subscribers automatically.

As a user, you will achieve the satisfaction of utilizing specific triggers like clicking on certain links, purchasing particular products, visiting particular pages, etc. 

These complex selections are carried out by a flowchart-style interface with ‘yes/no’ conditions and are made available to allow you to select triggers and set the conditions for sending particular emails to your subscribers.


If you are thinking about evaluating your performance and marketing strategy, Campaign Monitor will do it for you. You can gather information about geography, acquisition, and engagement to improve your strategy.

Sign-Up Tools 

In addition to the ability to create sign-up forms for new subscribers, Campaign Monitor allows users to create list segments to target specific sub-groups of users and the ability to create custom fields for user data.

Easy to import and export data

There are certain requirements that Campaign Monitor have on imports, for example, you should not import bought or rented databases, lists that have not been mailed in a long time, or data associated with certain products.

These restrictions are similar to those imposed by other e-marketing services. Exporting your data is easy as you can export entire lists or segments to CSV format.


Competitors’ pricing of Campaign Monitors reveals just how expensive the product is compared to alternative email marketing tools. A free trial is available to experience their services. However, it does not allow you to send an email for free.

Test emails can be sent to up to five clients under a single campaign. Contrarily, Getresponse gives you a free trial for a month. It is better to have an idea about the plans they offer.

Basic Plan

Basic plan is all about restrictions. The first restriction is on the number of emails you can send in a given month. An example will clear the point.

If you had a mailing list containing 500 email addresses, you could send 2,500 messages per month, and if you had a list with 30,000 email addresses, the limit would be 250,000 messages. Moreover, the Basic plan also checks your use of auto-responders to simple drip campaigns.

Unlimited Plan

Plans remove the cap on the number of emails you can send and allows you to make use of more sophisticated auto-responder functionality It also allows faster email support and spam testing options. You can tailor e-newsletter sending times to best match the subscribers’ time zones.

Premier Plan

The premier plan gives you access to phone support; template controls which are designed for advanced link tracking plus the facilities of the unlimited plan. You can perform send-time optimization to send your e-newsletters suiting the time of your client.

How much you pay for each plan depends on your database size. At the lowest rate using Campaign Monitor with a database of 500 email addresses will cost you $9 per month on Basic, $29 per month on Unlimited and $149 per month on Premier

In the middle of the pricing scale, a database containing 15,000 email addresses will cost you $129 per month on Basic, $249 per month on Unlimited and $399 per month on Premier

The highest rate you can expect to pay $299 per month to host a database containing up to 50,000 email addresses on the Basic plan, $699 per month on the Unlimited and $889 per month on the Premier.

Customer Support

A 24/7 email-based support team and a solid knowledge-based database are worth mentioning. However, it lacks real-time support in the form of live chat or even phone service.

Shortly after signing up for the service, you will likely be contacted by a representative asking if you would like any help and providing a direct email address at which to contact him. 

You can also contact the company at any time using this form. Users can access an online knowledge base by entering their questions into a search field, which will return a selection of potentially useful articles or forum posts.

Some of the guides deal specifically with how to use Campaign Monitor, while others focus on the general principles of email marketing.


Databases are protected by access restrictions, and key information, such as passwords, is encrypted when stored. SSL (HTTPS) will scan the application to transmit sensitive information.

Data centers are under five levels of protection: security cards, fingerprint scans, video surveillance, locked hardware, and vibration detection. A proximity card and PIN are required. Finally, data is mirrored to a backup server in case of malfunction.


  • It has got an ‘Enlist’ app for iPad to collect data offline at events.
  • Its interface is excellent and extremely easy to use for beginners.
  • Application Performing Interface(API) can be utilized.
  • Getting feedback and comments from your subscribers is made easy by the deployment of surveys.


  • Users complained that they cannot find their preferred integrations.
  • Users have confusion with the Basic plan tracking of both subscribers and emails sent.
  • The price is expensive compared to other web applications.

Final Verdict

Campaign Monitor is one of the pioneers in the market. It provides all the essentials you require to add email marketing to your business. If you are new to the email marketing field then Campaign Monitor is a good choice with features like segmentation and automation of emails.

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