Best Video Editing Tools Review

Video editing is something that helps you to create relevant and engaging content. It helps you to remove unnecessary footage from your video and make it more interesting by using color correction, transitions, music, sound mixing, and VFX. 

There are hundreds of editing software you will find online and offline. But which one is the best video editing tools in the market? 

It depends on how you will measure quality. All of them but good. But there are certain limitations that actually create a difference.

We have researched and here we will discuss the best video editing tools for you. You can use it for either personal or professional purposes.

Let’s get started.

Best Video Editing Tools for Windows

According to a statistical report, around 1.5 billion users are using windows in the world. Among them, there are so many people who are making YouTube videos, short films, movies, and TV series. 

So, it is important to let you know about some best video editing software that you can use on your Windows operating system.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro is one of the best Editing software available in the market right now. It is an Adobe product and it would be the best choice for the professionals and enthusiasts.

It has multi-cam editing, unlimited video tracking, and 3D editing features.

The most interesting part of this software is that it has some companion software, like Adobe element rush, Adobe After effects, etc.

Adobe Premiere Pro is a paid software. But they are offering a free trial to its users. It is compatible with Mac and Windows.


Edius is a user-friendly video editing software. It is a non-linear video editing software and it is compatible with all modern video formats. Edius is compatible with windows only. It was introduced in 2003 for Windows XP.

You can do multi-cam editing, Unlimited video tracking with this software. Edius allows you to work faster than other editing software. It is the difference that brings Edius out of the box.

Edius is a paid software. But it is actually a one-time payment. There are no subscription fees or any hidden charges. Once you purchase it, you will get a permanent license to use it. If you are not sure about how it works, you can enjoy their 30-day free trial to decide.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate will be the best choice for those who just want to start video editing. It has an interface that is easy to understand, and it has some amazing features. 

This software is relatively less expensive. So, if you are a beginner we would recommend you to use it, do some practice and then get into the real world.

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate is too basic software. So, if you have the basic skills and if you are a professional, try to avoid it. 

Pinnacle Studio 22

If you want to learn and star practicing video editing, Pinnacle Studio 22 would be our recommendation. It has some great features like approximately 1,500+ effects, titles, and templates,  more than 6-track HD video editing, handy coloring tools, and lots more.

The price of Pinnacle Studio 22 is definitely below average. It is compatible with Windows only. So if you are looking for a super simple video editing software at an affordable price, we would suggest you get their 30-day trial.

Best Video Editing Tools for Mac

So, you are using Mac and looking for Video Editing Software. It is annoying to find the best video editing software because there is so much software in the market and it is hard to find the best one for you because you need to stay at home for weeks to find that.

We have researched and found some software for you.

Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is the most popular video editing tools for Mac. It is a premium software for Apple. For professional video editors, Final Cut Pro is like God. It has so many advanced tools and features video/audio editing, motion graphics, and delivery.

Final Cut Pro is really expensive. If you are highly professional, we would recommend you to use it or else avoid it.


iMovie is a free default software for Mac and iOS platform. It is a basic software that helps to create visuals from your photos and videos. It has built-in themes, templates to make your visuals more interesting.


Wideo is basically an online animated video editing platform. It is compatible with Mac and Windows. You can create engaging animated promotional, explainers, and marketing videos. 

You will find hundreds of templates and themes to choose your desired one that matches your business. It will make your videos more engaging.

Best Video Editing Tools for Android and iOS

Due to the blessings of social media, people are now addicted to make their own videos and share them with their friends. They make videos of themselves and share them on social media. 

Some of them used to upload raw videos. To make it more interesting they are using different editing software on their phones. 

Here, we have mentioned some popular video editing apps for your mobile.


VivaVideo is the most popular video editing app for Android. It has so many interesting features. It will help you to give a professional outlook to your videos. 

You can add effects, stickers, filters, animated clips, etc. on your videos. Not only that, you can do slow-mo with VivaVideo as well. 

Right now VivaVideo has 200 million users globally.


If you think iMovie is not appropriate for you and you are looking for a video editing app for your iOS that is a little bit updated, you should try LumaFusion.

It will provide you output like professional video editing apps/software. LumaFusion has some great features like 4K compatibility, multi-tracking features, unlimited filters, and so on. 

Not only that You can edit videos on LumaFusion and export directly to YouTube. 

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