Employee Management Software 7shifts review

7Shifts Reviews: Manage Your Restuarant Employees with 7Shifts

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No matter what business you are doing scheduling is very important. The reason why I am saying this to you because one of my friend Jim has opened a restaurant last year.

After running the restaurant for a week, he started to become frustrated and a month later he does not want to do this business. 

I asked him what was the issue. He said he was facing scheduling issues in his restaurant. He could not communicate with his staff well. He could not evaluate the performance of his staff, his labor costs were increasing, etc. 

I think many of you have the same stories. After listening to Jim, I have given him a suggestion that has changed his business completely. Now he is opening another restaurant in town.

I have suggested an employee scheduling tool that reduces all of his stresses. That tool is none other than 7 Shifts.

7shifts is basically an employee scheduling tool that reduces labor costs, saves time and money. It will help you to build a more efficient restaurant with perfect schedules. Besides, 7shifts will help you to create an engaged workforce and complete labor compliance.


7Shifts has come up with some great features. It will help you to grow your business. These features create a difference between 7shifts and other employee scheduling tools. As I have said 7Shifts has so many features. I will share some of them. 

Cloud-based staff scheduler

Most of the organizations have done their scheduling either on Excel or pen and paper. It has a chance of making mistakes as well. 7shifts has introduced drag and drop feature that is easy and simple for any restaurant owner. All the information will be stored in the cloud. So, you can do it from your home as well.

Communicate from anywhere

As it is a cloud-based system, that means your teammates can communicate with you whenever they want. Besides, Your staff can set their availability through the app and if the manager approves it, it will be updated.

Not only that, but any employee can also make individual messages, can create a group chat as well. If you want to make an announcement, you can do it here as well.

Automated Staff shift feedback

As a restaurant manager or the owner, it is your duty to have a birds-eye on your restaurant’s progress. You need to check employee engagement status as well. If you use 7Shifts you will be able to check team engagement stats, dropped shifts, lates, etc. on each location.

As soon as the shift ends, every employee will have to do a survey about their shift. It will help you to find operational issues. By improving the issues you can increase job satisfaction.

Monitor and improve operations

Improving your operations will help you to grow your business. How you can improve your operations? Well, while you are using 7shifts, you can easily track your restaurant’s performance anytime and anywhere. You will get a clear view of your restaurant operation in real-time.

Optimize your staff productivity

While doing the scheduling in excel or manually with pen and paper, it takes lots of time. 7shifts has introduced drag and drop scheduling feature that will help you to do it in minutes. You can see who is available to work so that any mistakes can not happen.


Pricing for 7shifts is simple. It completely depends on your needs. Yes, you heard it right. If you have a simple scheduling needs, 7shifts won’t ask you any money.

They are offering the service for free. This offer includes Staff scheduling & notifications, Free post-trial support, Time off requests & Staff availability features.

The pricing of 7Shifts has been divided into four categories. Comp, Appetizer, Entrée, and The Works.

Comp category costs no money. It is completely free. This category offers simple scheduling for one location. It has some great features like 10 employee limit, 1 location max, Staff scheduling & notifications, Basic reporting, Staff availability, etc.

The appetizer is worth $17.99/month per location. It allows scheduling up to 20 employees. The appetizer will give you multi-location support. Some of its features are Staff Engagement Dashboard, Basic time clock, Task Management, POS integration (sales), SMS Notifications, and so on.

Entrée will cost you $39.99/month per location. Here you will be able to schedule unlimited employees and multi-location support. Some of its other features are Staff availability, Advanced reporting, POS integration (sales & labor), Schedule templates, Labor budget tool, Events management, etc.

If you want to improve your restaurant operations and reduce your labor costs you should choose the work category. It costs $69.99/month per location.

It has some amazing features. Advanced time clock & compliance, Staff Engagement Dashboard, Staff scheduling & notifications, Time off requests, Staff availability, Advanced reporting, POS integration (sales & labor), SMS Notifications, Schedule templates, etc. are some of its features.


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