How to monetize Youtube? Start to Make Money from YouTube

Are you dreaming about becoming a celebrity overnight with thousands of audiences online? Then, Youtube is your channel. It has the power to broadcast you. However, with power come obstacles. 

Are you ready to take up the big challenge of starting your own channel and earn money? If yes, then these are the basics you need to know before you start.

Earning money with Youtube as your partner is very lucrative. One of the ways of earning money from YouTube videos is to click the monetization option in your YouTube account and link your channel with Google AdSense Account.

Do you have any idea about Youtube Monetization? 

Well, it is an important step in the process of making your videos viral and earning money. As a content creator, you will be paid a large sum of money after the distribution and marketing of your video is done by Youtube. The rate at which Youtube will pay you is called Monetization.

In simpler terms earning money from uploading videos by allowing ads on them is called Monetization.

YouTube Monetization

Have you ever wondered how much you can earn from Youtube? Here is the extermination of your earnings from Youtube. A Pro-Youtuber can make money from YouTube at an average between $ 3-10 per 100 views – with both CPC and CPI advertisements. 

By monetization, you can stand a chance of earning approximately 55 % of the ad revenue your videos generate. Naturally, YouTube takes the other 45 %. So at an average, you can make between $1-2 per 1,000 views of your video.

The procedure of earning money from Youtube is not difficult. You just have to follow some simple steps. However, like all other crafts making, creating videos is also demanding and gives you the option to think out of the box. 

This tutorial is for beginners as well as for the professionals on how to increase the number of views.

Setting up Your YouTube Channel

You have decided to earn money from Youtube now you are thinking about what should be the next move. In this case, your starting point should be setting up a channel. 

The first step in the staircase to succeed is to sign up and create content that can appeal to a wide range of audiences. You should keep some of the important factors while creating an account.       

Sign up with Your Own Account

Like any other application, you need to have an account on Youtube to create your own channel. You just need to go to Youtube or you can sign up with your Gmail account as well.   

Add Keywords and Descriptions

Keywords will make the search process easy. It will help people to find your channel and predict the content that you have made. Besides, have a clear and eye-catching description to grab the attention of the audience.  

Short Username

You should keep your user name short and simple.  

Add high-quality content 

Every minute a million videos are being watched by people. To stand out from the crowd you need to focus on the video that you are making.    

Equipment and Tools

Usually, as a beginner, you can use your smartphone. However, the other instruments like tripod, video and audio editing tools, good microphone, and screen recorder can enhance the quality of the videos. 

The background should be clear. Moreover, there should be enough light. Always check the quality of both the audio and the video before you make the final video viral.        

Significance and Structure of the Content

Videos that have specific messages and subject can easily engage the viewers. There is no shortcut to this. Remember the fact that the better the quality, the higher you can get along not only audience wise but also in respect of adds. 

There are areas that attract me most are traveling and making foods and sometimes Ted Talks. However, my brother likes watching videos related to automobiles. The interest varies from person to person. 

So you have to keep in mind who your audience is and the purpose of making the videos. While making videos, you have to be aware of certain issues that are sensitive to the time of the year and economy.      

The role of time 

Time plays a significant role. You should keep track of the time of the videos and the release.      

Covering Events

When you cover events, your videos can become popular very quickly. For example, in the month of December when there are back to back events like Christmas and New Year with holidays the YouTubers are all active around the globe. 

It is also the best time for retail advertisers. Again, travel advertising may fluctuate depending on time.   

Length of the Video

Make sure the videos are not too long. Long videos cannot help the audience in retaining information.          

Consistency and Uploading schedule

Besides, maintain a proper uploading schedule. Consistency is the key. I highly recommend you to upload videos on a regular basis. When the viewers will see your regularity and sincerity they will subscribe to your videos more.   

How to Increase on Views YouTube Video

You are making videos not only for making money but also to share your interest with the audiences. Thus, you should entertain your audience as much as you can. 

While making up the content you should keep in mind the target group’s age, gender, and context. Sometimes you can involve your audiences in ‘fan funding’.

Creating Stories

Stories around the products can increase the sale and the number of your viewers. The stories will evoke emotions in the audience.      


Youtube is just like a marketplace. Remember you are selling your videos. So expanding your market through circulation is important. Circulate your video from different platforms. 

For example Twitter, Facebook, etc. For the promotion purpose, you can utilize tools like hashtags, paid for pre-roll ads which are available on Youtube. By sharing the link or embedding the video on the web, you are enhancing the likelihood of it getting noticed.

Interaction with the Viewers

Your viewers’ opinions and comments are of paramount importance. You should be aware of the 90-day policy of Youtube.

The interaction will help you to understand your valuable viewers’ likes, dislikes, interests, and demands. Often negative remarks and criticism can give your channel popularity.   

Develope partnership 

YouTube Partners are also YouTube members who have monetized videos with a large number of viewers. Partners have access to more content creation tools and can win prizes for the number of viewers they have.

Moreover, partners also get the right to use more community support and tips more than others. 

There is also an eligibility criterion for Youtube Partner Program YPP. In order to gain access to the most powerful Partner programs, your videos should be of high quality, 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months and at least 1000 subscribers. The benefit is that the partners will review your videos from time to time.  

How to Enable Monetization?

I have already familiarized you with the term monetization. You will allow Youtube to place ads in your video. There is a requirement set by Youtube. A user is required to have at least 4,000 watch hours in the previous 12 months and 1000 subscribers to begin earning money.   

Channels with subscribers who do not come back often also seem to increase their monetization charge as they add subscribers. YouTube apparently sees raw subscriber expansion as a monetization factor. You need to follow a few steps to enable monetization.

  • First sign in with your Youtube account. From the user name icon click ‘Video Manager’. It will open the Uploads list of videos. In the list you will also get checkboxes, video thumbnails and statistics.                            
  • In step two, you have to go to ‘Channel Settings’ to expand the list and then select ‘Monetization.” You will find “Enable My Account’ and follow the prompts in the Monetization agreement to accept.                   
  • In the next step, you should click to add a tick in the checkbox next to the video thumbnail. If a user has more than one video, select all the videos you want to monetize.                
  • To open the Ad Formats checklist and Monetized Selected Videos window, you have to click the Actions menu and select Monetize.    
  • From this section, you can select your preferences for Ad formatting. For instance, ‘Overlay in-video ads’ displays a transparent overlay on the lower part of the video screen. 

Besides, ‘TrueView in-stream ads’ allows viewers to select the messages and determines if they will watch the full ad or skip it. Don’t forget to read the ‘important section on commercial use rights’.          

  • In the last step click ‘Monetize’. By following the prompts to select your options and confirm the commercial use rights. 

You will now see a ‘Monetized’ screen for approved videos on your video list with the gray $ icon that is updated with green fill background.

Popular videos have the highest amount of revenue. However, the CPMs are not as high as the least popular video. On the contrary, most popular videos that have the highest percentage of monetized playbacks over a 90-day period have higher revenue.

Setting up AdSense on YouTube Channel

You also need to have an account in AdSense. It is free. However, age-wise you must be 18 or above to set up your own account. If you are under 18 you need an adult to guide you. The process is given below.

  • A user first needs to sign up for an account. For example, you can visit                         
  • The second step is linking your account to a Paypal or bank account. The money will come to your PayPal account or the bank account.

Besides, you must provide a valid mailing address as well as other information for the verification process.            

  • Next step is to go through simple copy and paste ad codes on your site or channel.            
  • The ad network pays a user based on page views and clicks.

Check Analytics to See Your Progress

 You can analyze your progress by checking the analytics.              

  • The first advantage is that watching the videos performances can help you to predict estimated earnings.                        
  • You can also find out ad performance, video views, and demographics, etc. All the updated information will be available to you. For this, just go to the Analytics option in your Chanel menu.            
  • Most importantly you can use these tools to find out if the content is resonating with audiences. If the answer is no, then you can change your content.      

Alternative Ways to Earn Money from Youtube

Monetization is one way to earn money from Youtube. However, there are other ways you can opt for if you have low monetization. These common ways are also followed by millions of Youtubers to generate income from Youtube.


The thriving YouTube channels depend on other sources of income, such as sponsorships to increase revenue. Smaller sites which cannot get sponsorships should consider overlay ads and sponsored cards offer.        

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate makes a commission for marketing another company’s or person’s products. The affiliate at first searches for a product he enjoys then promotes that product. He earns money from the overall sale.     


Kickstarter and Indiegogo are two most popular crowdfunding sites among Youtubers.                            

Licensing Content

If you can create content with a mass appeal then you can get a license in exchange for it.                        

Youtube celebrities are earning thousands of dollars and maybe it is you who can be the next one. Youtube provides you with the freedom to work with your passion.

Is there anything you are really passionate about, then Youtube can be a real solution. All you need is dedication and some worthwhile contents that can gain market rapidly. 

YouTube Views to Money Converter

Advertising is usually done to inform consumers about some kind of product or service. It is a common practice that people can make thousands of dollars through advertising. 

This is the reason why we see ads almost everywhere. Internet is not an exception to this. Every web page will have at least two or three ads. This trend is also present in YouTube videos. 

On YouTube, advertises just pop up while watching videos from out of nowhere.  Usually, we skip those ads to continue further.  

In the previous section, I have discussed how you can make money by following the monetization process. There I have highlighted the necessity of adding your channel with Adsense. 

Adsense is an advertising program that lets anyone insert HTML into their sites and have ads shown that are relevant to the content of the site.  

However, have you ever thought how much money you can earn through these advertisements?

To make your life easy several money calculators are available online to convert your views to money.  

The Policy of Youtube 

The advertisements selection process is controlled and managed by Google and web publishers. 

You just need to create an Adsense account and copy and paste the provided code to show the ads. Revenue is generated on per click or per-impression basis. 

It is free to become a verified web publisher in the Google AdSense. Linking your channel with Adsense will get you credit for each video’s monthly revenue through Google. 

Once you accrue $100 Google will issue a payment to your bank account.  Their direct deposit service is available in most of the countries or via cheque. 

However, you will not get all the money you are making through the ads. You can make a large sum of money, but the whole process is controlled by Google. Besides, Google keeps 45% of YouTube advertising revenue. 

Thus you get 55% of every dollar paid by advertisers. The amount you get is less than the 68% that website owners get for most other types of Google Adsense advertising.


It is important to understand that you cannot earn money instantly on YouTube. You have to continue to upload content on a regular basis to get strong support from subscribers. 

You have to keep in mind while developing the content the things both your viewers and advertisers care about. 

If you are running a YouTube channel you should have heard about these terms or factors that determine YouTube earnings. They are given below in detail. 

Cost Per Mile (CPM)

The term CPM is closely related to YouTube advertising. CPM is Cost Per Mille. It is actually Latin word for 1000. CPM advertising means cost per 1000 impressions. 

For Youtube, it refers to views. An advertising rate is fixed by the CPM and the rate is valid for 1000 views. The advertising video should be greater than 30 seconds. 

Thus, as an advertiser, you need to pay the fixed rate for your ads.  Readers,  I want to give you some ideas about the different components that might affect your CPM. 

One of the components can be the category of your video. Other components include language, country, season and completion for advertising spots, etc. 

During Christmas, for example, the Youtube videos are sold on an auction basis. The highest bidder gets the best spots for advertising.  

During this time of the year, the CPM increases because the advertisers fight for quality video spots.  Most of the advertisers pay approximately $7.60 per 1000 impressions. 

This price can shoot up to $15 or can be as low as $0.10 despite the previous set price.

ECPM ( Effective Cost Per Mile )

CPM is a term for promoters instead of substance makers. It implies the money a publicist pays to serve its advertisement to 1,000 perspectives on a video. You need to figure out income per thousand, which is the amount you will be paid for 1,000 perspectives on that ad.  The number is called eCPM or effective CPM.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

CPC means cost per click. This is a more conventional way of charging. Youtube ads that are placed around the videos are charged on a CPC basis, not the ones that come in the videos.

Revenue per mille (PRM): PRM means revenue per mille or revenue per 1000 impression. To calculate, you need to know your PRM and the number of views the video has received. The equation will look like this. 

Estimated gross earnings=PRM *number of views/1000

To calculate your earnings after sharing with Google, the equation will look like this. 

Estimated net earnings = estimated gross earnings*(55/100)

In Latin, milli means thousand

Estimated Gross Earnings per 1000 views

The embedded advertises that we find at the beginning of any videos are the most popular on Youtube because Youtube calculator gives these a priority.  It can give you an estimated scope of making money for a selected number of views. 

The actual amount of payment varies because of the popularity of your channel and the actual income that Google gets from specific advertisers. 

Estimated earning per subscriber

The more the number of subscribers, the more money you can make. The subscribers will visit your channel frequently to watch new videos. If the subscribers are fond of watching your videos they are likely to look forward to the new videos. 

Thus earning money depends not only on the new subscribers of your videos but also on the previous subscribers who can make the channel popular as well. The increase of  CPM rates also depends on the popularity of your channel. 

Estimated variance based on video engagement 

When we watch videos on Youtube we usually skip the ads. If this happens then Google or Youtube will not pay you any money. Research shows that only 15% of video watchers on average watch the advertisements. 

It depends on the content of the video and the nature of your subscribers. This policy of YouTube can certainly hamper your overall income. 

How to Use the YouTube Money Calculator  

If the above-mentioned equations are hard for you to remember then you can use the calculators. It is a simple and quick process. Follow the steps given below. 

Take your RPM

Take the number of views of the video

Put these two values in the YouTube money calculator

Then choose the unit of time (for example views/day or views/ month),

Choose the unit of time you want for the expected YouTube revenue

The result will be ready for you automatically. You will obtain the estimated amount of money.

Popular Revenue Calculators

You can easily determine the CPM by using the revenue calculators that are available online for your assistance. I will discuss the three most popular calculators. 

Influencer Marketing Hub

Influencer Marketing Hub is a site based in the USA. It provides not only calculators but also reviews and case studies for its clients. It is operating from 2016. It is very user-friendly.  

There are two ways you can calculate.  Read the instructions below on how to use it and earn maximum benefit.  

Move the slider to the number of  views you have each day  on your channel

Regulate the click-through rate (CTR)

Check the estimated income on the right

The second option is easier than the first one. A user can put his or her potential monetization by video or by channel. Then enter the YouTube video link or the channel name, and Influencer Marketing Hub will perform the computation for you.

Social Blade

Social Blade is another revenue calculator running their functions from 2008. If you are a user of Social Blade it will track your online presence in different platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

You will be happy to know that this site also provides guidance to new YouTubers on how to amplify the number of views. The instructions to use is given below. 

First, insert your YouTube username

Then insert or move the slider to the number of daily views

Then you will see the slider move towards your projected CPM range

You can review  daily and  monthly calculations  as well as yearly calculations on the right

Tube Calculator 

The most recent addition to the list is Tube Calculator. It started its journey in 2018. Through your video recordings, it calculates your earnings. 

Follow the steps below to use this tool. 

Move the slider to the amount of the daily views

Adjust the CTR or average engagement based on your channel’s past performance

Check the calculation on the left

It is a difficult task to encourage subscribers to sit through the ads at the start of your video. However, it is essential to earn money. In the beginning, it may be difficult for you to make money. But, gradually you will be able to pick up the pace.  

YouTube Monetization Rates

YouTube has created this platform not only for you but also for the business enterprises who can advertise their products and services through YouTube. Considering this, the role of YouTube is very significant. It is like the bridge between the viewers or consumers and service providers.

Media corporations like CBS, BBC, Vevo, etc. use a YouTube video sharing platform to reach their audiences. There are also music videos, movie trailers, video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos as well. 

You can enjoy and enlighten yourself by watching these videos. Furthermore, you can be partners with YouTube to create your own channel and earn money. 

In the first part of this review, I have thrown light on how you can earn money and boost your YouTube channel. 

In the previous section, I have drawn your attention to the fact that YouTube will take away a share of your money systematically. Let’s talk about this issue in this article in detail.

Essential Requirements

YouTube has set its own rules of monetization to ensure high quality of the contents. Content creators have to follow the rules and regulations to make the most out of it. 

However, if you produce videos that are most liked by your subscribers then you do not need to worry about anything. The rates are fixed by YouTube. The channel owners and content creators, however, get the privilege of making videos but not without advertisement. 

Moreover, they have the option to choose from different formats of ads.

To be eligible for monetization of your channel, you need to fulfill the following two criteria:

  1. 4000    hours of annual viewing      
  2. Over    1000 subscribers       

YouTube claims that these requirements help them to properly evaluate new channels and protect the community. The rules are very strict. These rules were implemented in early 2018. 

The YouTube Partner Program consists of experts and viewers who inspect your videos for quality insurance. This type of scrutiny is very well received because advertisers always want their ads to be paired with high quality stimulating videos. 

They have rules for what kind of videos you can upload and what you are not eligible to do and they are all done in detail.

Research shows that your average earning is $.80 according to 1000 perspectives monetized by banner advertisements is possible. Again, through rollout commercials (the advertisements before the video) you can earn $5-$8 consistent with 1000 views.

As I have mentioned before, Google or YouTube takes up 45% of the total sales. The remaining 55% is given to you. The revenue is cumulated when a viewer clicks on an ad. 

The CPC can range according to the ads. Most of the YouTubers find it difficult to get 4000 hours of viewing per year rather than subscribers.

You might think the above mentioned qualifying criteria is the only challenge you need to overcome in YouTube. But no, you are wrong. 

To increase the rate of your channel you will have to overcome far too many obstacles.

Developing Interesting Contents

Developing appealing content is the biggest challenge you will face as a novice in this field. Content should be your priority. Contents should be developed in such a way that it will be like a magnet and viewers will come back again and again to view your channel.

If you want to stay in the competition you have to create captivating content. Earning money is a long term process. You should learn to create original videos. 

Moreover, you can re-upload your videos or make money through other videos. However, take the utmost care that you do not violate the copyright. Upload videos in a way that your YouTube channel appears to be useful and contains videos that are worth viewing.                   

Optimize the Title of the Video

You should optimize the title of the video. Try to keep it within 50-70 characters including keywords. In addition, you can improve the quality of the content as well. And if the content is up to the mark then Google will place it at the top of the search results.           

Size of the Video

YouTube supports a 16:9 wide-screen format for the videos. However,          the standard is 4:3. This standard is followed while searching and converting tools. The resolution should be at least 720p.             

Description of the Video

The description of the video should include 1 URL at least and keywords. The URL links your video with a fan page, website, playlist or other videos of yours, etc.       

Time Consumption

To sell ads directly you need to develop relationships with advertisers. It can be a time-consuming process. Selling ads directly to the advertiser is the best approach to follow because it ensures that publishers can keep 100% of the revenue. 

Besides, you can make money easily on YouTube but making your channel popular with a large number of subscribers is a daunting task, which may take years.    

The Decreasing Tendency of PRM

Revenue per thousand views can be down at times because of two reasons. Like any market, if the video supply is greater than demand, an ad will not be shown with every view of the video. 

For example, if an advertiser has agreed to pay a $10 CPM but the ads are shown on half of the time then you will generate $5 in revenue per 1000 views. 

Furthermore, if you are using an indirect way like networks rather than direct sales team then you will have a share of the generated revenue with the network. Again, if the money is split up between the network and the content creator he will get only $2.50 for 1000 views.   

In this section, I have made you aware of the rates that are fixed by YouTube. You should also be aware of the challenges you will face as a content creator.

There are many ways from which you can earn money on YouTube. 

However, you should abide by the rules and regulations set by YouTube. The revenue calculators can reduce your pressure. Just focus on creating contents that are absorbing for the viewers. 

If you get messages from the viewers then remain assured that you are halfway through becoming the next hit on YouTube.

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