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Effective Team-building Strategies You should Practice

There is a proverb says in the corporate world that people leave managers, not the jobs. We are working in an ultra-competitive market, where good management is important to survive.

If the leader is not efficient, your team will be less productive. On the other hand, if your team is less efficient a leader cannot bring success for the company.

What I want to say is, for a successful business an eligible leader is important who will have an efficient team. So, he can help the company grow.

A leader has to apply different strategies to create an effective team. Strategies can vary among leaders. But there are some common strategies that I am going to share with you. 

Give Priority to Your Teammates’ idea

When we are brainstorming for a project, we ask for ideas from our teammates. There might be some good ideas and some bad ideas. As a team leader, you should listen to all the ideas of your teammates.

You should give priority to all of your employees. There might be some employee who has just joined your team and you and your team members might not have built a good relationship with him/her yet.

When you are a leader, it is obvious that you would be expecting good ideas from the experienced one. But it might be possible that the guy who has joined new in your team might have a better idea than the experienced one.

So, you have to listen to all the ideas of your teammates and give good feedback to them.

Let’s say you don’t like someone’s idea. Don’t say that you don’t like it. You can say that you liked the idea, but you need a little bit more interesting ideas. 

It will make them more efficient to find better ideas for your company.

Proper Instructions are important

Do you know why most businesses fail? The reason is the lack of proper instructions. When we give a project to any of our team, they try heart and soul to give their best on that project.

But when you provide less information, it will make the project delayed. The lack of instructions might cause unlimited revisions. It will take more time than usual. Your teammates will be less productive and demotivated.

So, whenever, you provide any project to your team, send them a detailed instructions, and reply to their emails instantly. 

It will definitely make your team more efficient.

Trust Your Employee

As a leader, you have to trust your team. There is so much confidential information that you have to deal with every single day. When you ask your team to do some task, it is obvious that they will need some information that might be confidential.

If you don’t give it to them and you personally started to instruct them reading that information, it will make you less productive and your team will think that you don’t trust them.

It will not good for your company. As a leader or an entrepreneur, it is your duty to trust your employees. It will make them loyal to your company.

Every Project is a Teamwork

You have to keep in mind that every project is teamwork. When you work as a team, the work will be easier. Each and every team member has different skills.

As a leader, it is your responsibility to find out and combine all of them in a team. As soon as you have a good team, let them solve creative solutions. You will now lead them whenever necessary.

Evaluate team performance

Team performance evaluation is important. Why? Well, it will help you to know how the employees are performing. It will help you to find out who is efficient and productive and who is less productive.

So, you can easily nourish the less productive member of your team, send them for training sessions, offer to counsel, etc. It will help your team member to be a part of the best team in your company.

Reward Your Employees

A reward is something that everybody loves to have. A reward is something that can motivate an employee 1000 times more than anything.

In every company, we offer rewards like bonuses, vacations, or salary increment to the best employees only.

As a team leader, you can reward your less productive employees sometimes. If you find someone, who is demotivated, or less productive, you can send them for training so that he/she can learn some new skills that might be good for your company.

A reward can make an employee to do more hard work. It makes them more efficient, dedicated, and loyal to your company.


As a team leader, you have to be flexible with your employees. When I was an employee, my team leader was easy to convince. He was very professional. He wants all his teammates to work 24/7 for the company.

Whenever anyone asks for a leave, he had burst out with thousands of reasons and rejected the leave. These things make an employee demotivated and they look for better companies.

As you can see the employee leaves a company because of the manager or team leader.

If you want an efficient team, you should be flexible with your employees. Suppose, one of your employees has been shifting his house and he is coming late office. 

What you can do is, you can allow them to work from home until the shifting ends. You can offer your teammates lunch or dinner sometimes.

Moreover, you can have a casual relationship with them. I am not asking you to be their friends. But if you talk about business all the time, nobody will like it, right?

Bottom Line

A team consists of a variety of employees. Some will be productive, and some will be less productive. It is your duty to apply different strategies to create an effective team. 

As a team leader, you can sometimes assist your teammates to do a project. You can arrange some recreation stuff so that, whenever they get bored, they can recharge their energy level.

If you want to be successful in the corporate industry, you have to create effective teams. I have listed 7 common effective team-building strategies that can help you to create your dream team. 


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