eFax Review: The Best Online Fax Service

Are you looking for the best online fax services? Here I am going to review the best online fax service website, which name is eFax. Please take a view on the review that will help you to learn the details of this website. 

eFax Review

Actually, eFax provides online-based fax services. Basically, this site supports both outgoing and incoming faxes. Compare to other fax services, this site does not offer as much value. However, for its user-friendliness and versatile functionality, this site becomes a popular choice among people.

This site also has a help center with tutorials, FAQs and other resources. With unlimited storage and mobile support, this site also offers an online fax solution.

However, this site has almost 11 million users across the world. And its huge user helps it to become a number 1 online fax service. Please continue the full review to learn the details of their services.

Pricing System of eFax

Basically, there are 2 types of pricing plans for eFax online service. That is given below

  1. eFax Plus Plan
  2. eFax Pro Plan
  3. eFax Corporate Plan

eFax Plus Plan

In this plan, they actually provide 150 pages for incoming faxes and another 150 pages are for outgoing faxes.

And to get this service you will need to pay $16.95 per month or $169.50 per year. 

eFax Pro Plan

You will get 200 pages for both outgoing and incoming faxes, in this pro plan service.

And to get this service you will need to pay $19.95 per month and $199.50 per year.

eFax Corporate Plan

Actually, in this plan, they don’t have any price plan. This plan only includes scalable page volume, HIPAA compliant security, and API integration. Most importantly this plan encouraged its users to contact eFax services directly for a quote.

They also have a service activation fee and that is $10. You will also need to pay 10 cents for each additional page for faxing your message. And this additional page rate for eFax services varies for international fax. But the rate does not fix for international it varies country wise.  As for example, I found that they charge 10 cents for each additional page to fax messages in Switzerland, on the other hand, $1.06 for Panama. So it actually varies according to country.

Free Trial Service for User

However, with an annual plan with the pro plan or plus plan, they also offer 2 months free trial for their user.

If you sign up their account, initially you will get 1 month free trial of their services. But it will only possible if you sign up their free trial through a specific link.

Even though, they remain expensive compared to their other competitors.

Fax Performance of eFax Services

Actually I checked their service by sending a fax and through other online services. To check its fax quality and how its service processed I sent a PDF attachment from eFax. However, their fax quality is quite better than average, but not the best. Their service should be fine for basic office needs.

Are you ready for getting started with eFax?

Obviously to enjoy eFax services at 1st you need to sign up their account. And for sign up, you can choose various area codes to set your fax number. And it all depends on your location. Alternatively, you may also have the option for a US-based number that is toll-free and also additional charge free.

Approximately in forty countries, they have an available international number.  They do not have the ability to offer a vanity fax number to their users. Their competitor RingCentral Fax offers these services.

How eFax Work?

Once you signup the account of eFax, you will be able to receive and send your faxes through any device which is connected with the internet. They also offer different ways to send and receive your message safely and quickly. Once you sign up for eFax services you will be able to do all of the following activity. Please take a look

Send Your Fax Messages Online

When you have an eFax account you can easily send your fax messages through the internet connection. But first of all, you have to log in to your account and should follow all of their displayed instructions.

Send Your Fax Messages by E-mail

You will also be able to send your fax messages by using your email account. All major email clients like Hotmail, Gmail and Outlook are fully compatible with the service of eFax.

Send Your Fax Messages through Mobile Device

Through eFax mobile app you could be able to send your fax messages any time whenever you want to send your recipient. But you have to connect with the internet service.

Feature of eFax

  • Through eFax services, you can send your faxes via email, mobile and online portal. Furthermore, you can also send your faxes as email attachments directly to the eFax online portal and also can send them that way.
  • Basically, they have 2 methods for sending user fax through the eFax mobile app.

1st Method – In this method you can snap a picture of your document and as an image file you can fax your file.

2nd Method – In this 2nd method, you can attach a file to your fax and can send your fax that way.

  • Usually, the eFax mobile app will be free for its account holder. It’s both services like mobile app and online platform are easy to use and navigate.
  • It also has standout features that basically include file sharing, digital signature options, and unlimited fax storage. Through the tool of digital signature, you will be allowed to create your signature that you can easily drag and drop into your documents.
  • In the service of eFax, you will be able to send your fax to your multiple recipients at once. And this feature will save you time.
  • No machine required for sending fax messages
  • It provides searchable faxing service
  • Provide a toll-free number to its users
  • Offer lifetime storage and 3rd party also could storage fax messages

Setup Process of eFax

You will need to pick up your country’s area code and ZIP code to sign this site. For are code I selected San Francisco’s 415, after that, I picked a number from the options that were presented there.

You will also choose a toll-free, local or international fax number. From eFax, you will get 4 digits numeric number for your password

File Support Capacity

Usually, including all the usual suspects, eFax service has the capacity to support almost 37 files. But they don’t support the file format of Amiga Interchange and Quattro Pro.   


Actually its online interface supports a maximum of 10 documents or 18 MB in total. They will give you the option to search and tag faxes. Moreover, with a given fax account, it usually supports a maximum of 5 email addresses. Basically they use pop-up for sending their faxes through the web portal. Here you have the options to select multiple files for sending and add an email address.  

They sport a big link for sending a large file through another J2-owned service that is FuseMail.

If you select FuseMail, a send pop-up automatically appears within the home page of eFax. By entering your name, email destination, test message, and subject, you will also be able to attach a maximum of 3GB files. But the document link of FuseMail automatically expiring within 90-days later which means after 2 months.

Most importantly if you want to send your email through a secure container like SSL encrypted container. At 1st you will need to select these options. After selecting you will get a link to the SSL browser window. And after getting that link you will need to enter the account with your password. Where you could view your fax. But you will have to contact with eFax authority before choose SSL options.

Desktop and Mobile Faxing App

For Android and iOS, they have a mobile app.

Recently they also released a new version of its Messenger desktop application and only for windows machines. However, the application is limited in functionality. For example, here your inbox will not sync with your received and sent messages on the mobile and web. Here you will also not receive any messages. Through this messenger app, you can add images and text boxes into your fax attachment.

In its web and mobile app, you can easily enjoy their signature option, where you can sign your documents by drawing, typing or uploading signature pictures. 

Advantage of eFax services

  • Don’t need to present physically in front of the fax machine for receiving your incoming messages.
  • Don’t need to use ink and paper
  • They provide both toll-free and local numbers
  • Can use with your mobile device
  • Can contact with eFax through live chat, email, and phone support.
  • They support for international faxing
  • Efax also provides an enterprise solution that has HIPAA compliant and scalable page volume.
  • They also offer 2 months free trial for their user.
  • They sport a big link for sending a large file through another J2-owned service that is FuseMail.
  • In the service of eFax, you will be able to send your fax to your multiple recipients at once.
  • It has good functionality in its web browser-based interface.
  • Usually, they offer the local number of 48 states with Washington D.C.
  • They also offer toll-free number without fee and that is 800, 866, 877 and 888
  • Their service support hours are 24/7
  • By realizing the iPhone app they basically allow their users to fax and scans user’s documents from the mobile apps.
  • They also launch iPad app, that allows to search and views users faxes, cover sheet, contact list, access, tag, and archive faxes.

Limitation of eFax services

  • For each page of incoming and outgoing faxes, they charge a 10 cents overage fee and that is a higher fee than. It’s a competitor.
  • For each plan, they also charge a one-time setup fee that is $10, on the other hand, many other online fax services does not charge any setup fee.
  • Their service is more expensive compared to other online fax services.
  • Their additional page rate is not fixed at all. Its rate varies according to country.
  • Their fax quality is quite better than average, but not the best.
  • They do not have the ability to offer a vanity fax number to their users.
  • They do not have the ability to offer a vanity fax number to their users.
  • Its billing practices and canceling service are quite difficult.
  • Their service could be hampered with a lower volume of fax pages to receive and send your fax messages through their monthly plans.

Final Words

In my summary of review, I like to say that hopefully, my review will help you a lot to understand the whole process and services that eFax actually provides/offer.

I tasted different web interface, where the utility of their services actually varies widely. Most importantly a well-designed software could easily inspire its user confidence. However, people love to use those services that actually do not have any unnecessary friction. And I think eFax has well-designed software that provides beneficial services to their users.

If you are a businessman and have a firm, then I like to suggest you sign up for eFax. Because it allows its users to send their fax messages anywhere in the world. As it works like a normal fax number, anyone could be able to send you a fax, even if they have an eFax account at all. Their service also helps your firm to go paperless, which will make your business plan quite easy. Their document management system will help you to stay paperless, organized and searchable.

If you have any confusion firstly you can try their free-Trial offer. After then you can take your fixed your decision whether to stay with eFax services or move to another one it all up to you.

If you have any questions about eFax services and if you also share your thought or opinion, please feel free to share in the comment section below.

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